Am I a Candidate for the SteriShoe

If you have problems with foot or nail fungus, you may want to look into a new foot care solution called the SteriShoe. This is a product that provides a way for patients to prevent some common foot-related conditions. Learn more about this innovative solution and how it can improve your foot health from Near North nail fungus Dr. Marc Feder, DPM.

Shoes Are a Haven for Germs
Many of our shoes are full of germs, bacteria and fungi that grow over time. The inside of the shoes is a perfect place for germs to thrive because it’s dark and moist from sweat. Socks provide some protection, but germs and fungus can still find their way to the feet. These organisms attack the nails, toes and surface of the skin causing athlete’s foot and toe nail fungus. 

What Is SteriShoe?
Near North nail fungus Dr. Feder now recommends SteriShoe to his patients. SteriShoe is a product that cleans, disinfects, sterilizes and deodorizes the inside of your shoes. You simply insert the device into your shoe and a strong UV light kills bacteria and fungi in about 45 minutes. It was featured on "The Doctors" television show and "Good Morning America" as a viable solution for people who suffer from recurring toenail fungus.

Are You a Candidate?
If you have had a problem with foot or toenail fungus in the past, or are dealing with this issue currently, you are a candidate for SteriShoes. Athletes are a group of patients that often benefit from wearing SteriShoes since they spend hours on their feet, running, jumping and lifting. Anyone who participates in activity that causes them to release a lot of sweat from their feet should ask Dr. Feder about SteriShoes.

Ask Dr. Feder
If you’re interested in SteriShoes, contact Near North nail fungus Dr. Marc Feder, DPM today at 773-202-8800 to schedule a consultation appointment. You can purchase them at his office or by visiting his website at and following the instructions provided.

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