Back to School, Back to Shoes

For many kids, Fall is more than just “Back to School.”  It’s also “Back to Closed Shoes.” It’s a time to put the flip-flops & sandals aside and select good supportive footwear.

We at Affiliated Podiatrists, Ltd. subscribe to the American Podiatric Medical Association’s 1,2,3 Test to determine if the child’s shoe is  foot-friendly:

First, press on both sides of the back of the shoe’s heel. Make sure that it doesn’t collapse when pushed on. A firm heel counter is important.

Second, check toe flexibility. The shoe should bend with your child’s toes, but not be too stiff nor bend too much in the toe box area.

Third, grab the shoe by the front and back and twist gently. A foot-friendly shoe should never twist easily in the middle.

Of course, there are other recommendations to consider when shoe shopping whether they are for a child or an adult:

  • Shop for shoes in the afternoon. (Feet tend to expand throughout the day.)
  • Try shoes on with the appropriate socks. (Dress socks for dress shoes, casual socks for athletic shoes)
  • Have your feet measured while standing and be fully weight bearing.
  • Always measure both feet for length and fit for the larger foot.
  • The heel should have a broad base for stability and be made of a shock-absorbing material.
  • Pick shoes that do not have to be “broken in.” They should be comfortable right away.
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