Broken Bones

A broken bone, also referred to as a “fracture,” can occur in any bone and at any age. Stress fractures are the least serious and occur when there is a crack in the outer shell of the bone. Most fractures are more serious and occur when the bone completely breaks into two pieces. Comminuted fractures are the most severe – the bone is shattered into several fragments. Many people mistake the fracture for a sprain or strain because of their ability to continue walking or if symptoms are minimal. If you are experience pain, swelling or bruising, you should seek medical attention immediately to prevent further complications, even if you are able to walk. Here, at Affiliated Podiatrists, our doctors’ diagnostic skills have been enhanced through the use of digital x-rays taken right here on our premises. Digital x-rays allow us to magnify images and tweak contrast to help in our reading of images and therefore, speed your healing.

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