Bunions: Causes and Treatment Options

How your podiatrists in Chicago, IL, can help with bunion pain

Bunions can make it difficult to go about your day. Bunions appear as hard, bony lumps on the side of your big toe, and are usually caused by wearing shoes that are too narrow, as they cause your toes to crush together. High heels add to the problem by pushing your toes forward, which is why bunions are more common in women. With two convenient office locations in Chicago, IL, the podiatrists at Affiliated Podiatrists can treat your bunions and relieve your pain. Read on to learn more about bunions, and call Affiliated Podiatrists for direct treatment!

More about Bunions

Narrow footwear isn’t the only factor that causes bunions. They can also be caused by a genetic bone deformity in your feet, a foot injury or trauma, rheumatoid arthritis, or foot stress at work or from your activities.

For small bunions and minor bunion pain, you may get relief from a few simple treatments you can do at home. You can try:

  • Icing your bunion several times during the day
  • Taping around the bunion for additional cushioning
  • Placing inserts or padding inside your shoes to support the bunion
  • Changing to wider, more supportive footwear
  • Taking Tylenol or ibuprofen to reduce swelling and pain

If you have a larger, moderate or severely painful bunion, it’s time to visit your Chicago podiatrists. There are several effective treatments they may recommend, including:

  • Removing calluses and corns to reduce friction
  • Custom-fit orthotics and footwear to add support
  • Physical therapy and stretching to maintain mobility
  • Night splints to help realign your toe and foot
  • Surgical therapy to remove the bunion, known as a bunionectomy

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