Dealing With Warts

What's one of the common foot problems? It may surprise you to know that it's warts. Small, roundish, bumpy growths anywhere on the foot. Plantar warts often cause children and adults considerable discomfort. Do you have a wart or two? Your Edgebrook, Chicago podiatrists make wart treatment at Affiliated Podiatrists easy and effective. Your feet can look and feel great again.

What causes warts?

Also called Verruca Vulgaris, this benign skin lesion starts with a virus, the Human Papillomavirus, or HPV. Easily spread with skin-to-skin contact or even skin-to-surface contact (sinks, floors, toilets), HPV invades the skin through small cracks or abrasions and quickly forms one or more warts.

A group of warts is called "mosaic" while a single lesion is called a "solitary". Either way, your Edgebrook podiatrist easily recognizes the sometimes speckled, skin-colored bumps and knows how to treat them. He'll also tell you ways to keep yourself wart-free.

Other symptoms of warts

The older you are, the more a plantar wart can impact your life. If you have plantar warts, you will notice:

  • Pain when you walk
  • Itchiness
  • A rapid spread from one to two or more warts and other areas of the foot or body
  • Calluses or corns forming near the wart

Available treatments from your Edgebrook podiatrists

Your foot doctor may approach your warts in different ways depending on how big they are, their number, their location, and how uncomfortable you are. 

Common in-office options are:

  • Surgical removal
  • Laser removal
  • Cryosurgery (freezing warts)
  • Chemocautery

Preventing warts

Bathrooms, gym locker rooms, showers, and other wet areas are great breeding grounds for the virus. So, try not to walk barefoot through them (wear flip-flops), and avoid sharing towels, sneakers, or athletic equipment. Never scratch existing plantar warts as they can spread to your hands.

Wart Treatment in Edgebrook

Eliminate those bothersome warts, and have comfy, smooth skin again. Call Affiliated Podiatrists for a consultation with one of our wonderful podiatrists in Chicago. Phone today: (773) 631-2079.

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