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Toenail fungal infections are a common problem. Beyond affecting the appearance of the toenails, toenail fungus can actually lead to other health problems, particularly for individuals with diabetes or disorders of the immune system. For anyone with a toenail fungal infection, it is important to seek treatment from a podiatrist as soon as possible to prevent the infection from spreading. Affiliated Podiatrists in Chicago, IL, utilize state of the art PinPointe laser treatment technology for painlessly eliminating toenail fungus.

Symptoms & Causes of Toenail Fungus

A change in the color of the toenails can be a sign of a possible fungal infection. Additionally, nails appearing spotted or yellowish in color could be infected. Fungal infections can also cause the nails to become loose, brittle or unusually thick. If your toenails exhibit any of these symptoms, you could have a fungal infection and should see a podiatrist for an official diagnosis.

Toenail fungus can be contracted when walking barefoot in damp areas, such as public pools or gym locker rooms. An injury to the nail plate can also result in the development of a fungal infection. Additionally, individuals with circulatory problems or diabetes are especially prone to development fungus on the toenails, as are those with a history of athlete’s foot.

Treatment of Fungal Infections

There are several different options for treating toenail fungus. Traditional treatments include anti-fungal pills, nail lacquers and topical creams. Removing any toenails with a fungal infection is also an option. Unfortunately, some of these methods can be painful or do not always completely resolve the problem. PinPointe laser treatment is an innovative new method utilizing an infrared laser to painlessly remove and heal fungus on the toenails. Affiliated Podiatrists was the first Chicago area podiatrist office to utilize this exciting new technology.

Toenail fungus can be unsightly and also lead to other health problems. If you suspect you have a fungal infection on the toenails, see a Chicago, IL, podiatrist for treatment as soon as possible. To see a podiatrist for diagnosis and treatment of toenail fungus, contact Affiliated Podiatrists at (773) 202-8800.

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