Does Your Back Hurt? Your Chicago Podiatrist Can Help

If you’ve been experiencing back pain, but can’t seem to put a finger on the cause, you may need to examine your footwear. Wearing poor-fitting shoes can place unnecessary stress on the back, causing discomfort and pain. Today, back pain is the second most common reason people visit their doctor, and billions of dollars are lost every year in the workplace because of work absences due to back-related injuries.   When your back hurts, your entire body hurts, and this can interrupt your daily activities. If you're suffering from severe backache, particularly after standing or walking for extended periods of time, the cause may not just be due to a problem with your back. As a matter of fact, there’s a good chance your feet, specifically your shoes, are the one of the sources of your pain. If you are experiencing back pain, consider visiting your podiatrist in Manhattan for an evaluation, and find out if your shoes are the problem.   Our Podiatrists in Chicago, Dr. Joel Feder and Dr. Marc Feder, Share Why Your Shoes May Be Causing Your Back Pain   Your spinal column and the surrounding muscle tissue serve as the foundation of your body. But when strain and stress are exerted on the muscles, tendons and vertebrae, unbearable back pain can be the result. Long hours of standing on your feet, lifting heavy objects incorrectly and age can all play a role in the presence of back pain as well.   What many people don’t know, however, is that something as simple as your shoes may be the cause of your agony. The spinal column is comprised of bone with discs of tissue, muscles, ligaments, and sensitive nerve endings. The vertebrae are stacked one on top of the other, making the spinal column both strong and flexible.   Poor posture caused by poor fitting shoes, however, can pull the vertebrae out of alignment, which in turn pulls on the tender muscles and nerve endings. Making sure your feet are supported properly will help ensure that your body posture is aligned properly.  And if your body is within the correct alignment, back pain may be relieved. By scheduling an appointment with Dr. Joel Feder and Dr. Marc Feder, our Chicago, IL podiatrists, we can determine the cause of your pain from the support your feet are receiving.   Selecting the Best Shoes for Your Best Spinal Health   If your shoes do not offer adequate support for your feet, you may be putting yourself at risk for injury, including chronic back pain. That’s why it is very important to replace old, worn shoes that don’t offer the support and stability you need. Instead, purchase shoes that have a thick and cushioned sole to absorb the shock of walking and good arch support.   As your go-to Chicago podiatrists, Dr. Joel Feder and Dr. Marc Feder may also prescribe you with a custom made insole, or orthotic, that will help stabilize the foot, support the arch, and balance the body.  The orthotic also can include a lift to even out the legs and help relieve back pain.   While it is important to seek treatment with a back specialist, it is also important to remember that Dr. Joel Feder and Dr. Marc Feder are experienced podiatrists in Chicago that are available to help devise methods to relieve the pressure your feet may be placing on your spine, and this is an important adjunct to treatment of back pain.      At Affiliated Podiatrists, Ltd., we can evaluate your feet and recommend shoe modifications and other treatments that can take the pressure off specific areas of the spine. If the spine is the foundation for the rest of the body, your feet are the foundation for your spine.

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