We are participating providers with Medicare as well as some of the leading PPO’s and HMO’s. If your insurance requires a referral, it must be presented at the time of your visit. Co-Pays are collected at the time of your visit.

Our computerized billing and electronic claim form transmission facilitate reimbursement. Please check below to see if your insurance plan is listed, then call for an appointment.

If you have a Flex-Spending Account, an H.S.A. or an H.R.A. you should know that it can help you afford the necessary care that you need. (The kind of care that might not have been a covered benefit by the terms of your insurance policy.) It might help some patients afford LASER treatment to clear nail fungus, EPAT, a pair of orthotics or medication.

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Medicare Assignment Information:

Medicare pays this office directly when an assignment is taken. We receive 80% of the Medicare Allowed Amount, minus any of your annual deductible which has not been met. Medicare regulations require us to bill and attempt to collect amounts credited to your annual deductible and your co-payment. Medicare only allows us to make exceptions in situations of severe financial hardship. The charge listed on the Medicare claim may be higher than what Medicare calls the “approved amount.” Medicare’s approved charges are generally lower than non-Medicare Reasonable Charges customarily made by most doctors. Medicare determines what will be allowed for each service. No matter what is listed as our charge, we receive no more than the Medicare payment, plus your payments of the remaining 20% and amounts credited to your deductible. Medicare identifies certain nail treatments, casts, bandages and dressings as “surgical care.” Services that Medicare designates as “surgical” do not have to be an operation.

Patients are responsible for payment of items not covered by Medicare.