Our History

Upon his return from military service, Dr. Harold Feder began his practice of podiatric medicine and foot surgery in 1945 in office space above the Liberty Bank at Roosevelt & Kedzie. Nearly 20 years later, Dr. Joel Feder joined his father at Devon & Western. Ten years after that, Dr. Marc Feder joined his dad and brother at their office on Bernard & Peterson. When they outgrew that facility, they relocated to what was the Martha Washington Hospital campus at Irving & Western with a satellite office on Chicago & Wood. Since 2003, the main office has been at 4211 N. Cicero Avenue, on Chicago’s northwest side.

For many years, the father and sons practiced together while patients kiddingly remarked: “Feet Run in Your Family “or “You Men are Following in Your Father’s Footsteps.”

Complemented by a support staff of eight full-time employees and a beautifully equipped office near Six Corners, we’re poised to handle all foot & ankle problems in an out-patient or (if necessary) an in-patient setting.

Newest Technological Advances

We’re pleased to announce our newest technological advance at Affiliated Podiatrists:

  • PinPointe Foot Laser…a LASER that clears fungus under nails at the speed of light in one treatment, without pain & without pills.
    Click here to learn more about this treatment.
  • PadNet…a non-invasive blood flow study that helps detect blockages and the quality of blood flow to the feet.
  • Computerized Gait Analysis…a computer-linked pressure mat that helps us prescribe the best treatment solutions which may include orthotics.
  • Digital X-Rays… to help with the diagnosis and treatment of foot problems.
  • “EPAT” stands for “Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technique.” It is an advanced and highly effective, non-invasive treatment, cleared by the FDA. The technology uses acoustic pressure waves to soften and relax thickened tissue thereby stimulating the metabolism and enhancing blood flow to promote a natural healing process.  It’s an effective method of treatment used for Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis to name a few.

Affiliated’s Newest Affiliation

Our Doctors are pleased to announce their newest hospital affiliation. All 3 doctors are at Swedish Covenant Hospital located at Foster & California Avenues, only 3 miles away from our Portage Park office.

Conveniently located to a large segment of our patients, Swedish has a beautiful, new, state-of-the-art Surgery Center and a great support staff to aid us in our patients’ care.

Medicare Assignment Information

Medicare pays this office directly when assignment is taken. We receive 80% of the Medicare Allowed Amount, minus any of your annual deductible which has not been met.

Medicare regulations require us to bill and attempt to collect amounts credited to your annual deductible and your co-payment. Medicare only allows us to make exceptions in situations of severe financial hardship.

The charge listed on the Medicare claim may be higher than what Medicare calls the “approved amount.” Medicare’s approved charges are generally lower than non-Medicare Reasonable Charges customarily made by most doctors.

Medicare determines what will be allowed for each service. No matter what is listed as our charge, we receive no more than the Medicare payment, plus your payments of the remaining 20% and amounts credited to your deductible.

Medicare identifies certain nail treatments, casts, bandages and dressings as “surgical care.” Services that Medicare designates as “surgical” do not have to be an operation.

Patients are responsible for payment of items not covered by Medicare.

Surgery? Not Me!

D.M. called Lily our office manager, to ask “What surgery?” After all, her notice from Medicare (the Explanation of Benefits) said that they had paid Dr. Feder for surgery; but all she remembered was getting her nails cut. There were no masks, gowns, gloves or anesthetics. Besides, she was diabetic and knew that Dr. Feder would discuss surgery first!

By the time Lily explained that Medicare considers it surgery whenever Dr. Feder picks up an instrument (by virtue of CPT codes and guidelines) it all made sense.

Feet Deserve a Hand!…About Our Logo

More and more, you’ll be seeing our logo in print. Designed by Dr. Marc, it’s a friendly image of lending our helping hand to your step.

Furthermore, it complements our Mission Statement:

“To Relieve Human Suffering Step by Step”

Experience You Can Trust

Experience You Can Trust” is more than just our motto. For generations, we have been offering the latest in proven technology to make you and your feet feel better, faster. The “helping hand” logo that we developed is our way of letting you know that your foot health can be entrusted to our care. You can pay us a virtual visit at our web site: www.APLfeet.com

PinPointe FootLaser

We proudly claim to have been the first practice in Chicago to offer the FDA-cleared PinPointe FootLaser, a LASER that clears fungus under nails at the speed of light in one treatment without pain and without pills nor damage to the nail.

Click here to learn more about PinPointe FootLaser

Remember We Don’t Just “Treat Feet”

At Affiliated Podiatrists, we don’t just “treat feet.” We treat people, who happen to have foot problems.

We Took a Major Step

Here at Affiliated Podiatrists, we’ve taken a major step forward in Orthopedic Diagnostics with our newly installed “GaitScan.” With it, our patients simply step onto a computer-linked, pressure-sensitive mat for foot scanning and foot pressure mapping. The detailed, computer-generated, graphic reports help us prescribe the best treatment solutions for our patients that may include custom orthotics or surgical repair.

Orthotics..Check & Re-Check

When was the last time that you looked at your orthotics? Are you wearing them? Are they still helping? Are the materials still holding up?

And when was the last time that we looked at your orthotics? Do you know that many worn pair can be refurbished? Or if there has been a change, your new Rx can be 3-D Printed or Computer Generated to perfection.

Into the Cold

Now we offer “CryoProbe” a liquid nitrogen jet that painlessly freezes warts and other skin lesions on the feet. The innovative instrument requires no anesthesia, no post-op care, and leaves no scar. Kids love it because it’s a needle-less technique.

Testing Blood Flow

We’re pleased to announce our new method of testing circulation and screening for Peripheral Artery Disease. Here in our office, we’re utilizing three specialized, blood pressure cuffs to detect blockages in arteries and the quality of blood flow.

Test results are transmitted securely to vascular specialists for a diagnostic interpretation and therapeutic recommendations are returned within 24 hours.

Shocking News

All of the doctors at Affiliated Podiatrists are able to perform the new, highly effective, “EPAT” procedure to eliminate heel pain and tendon strain. Done in our office, and without the need for anesthesia, there are no incisions and no sutures. Recovery is a snap. Furthermore, there’s no time needed off of work nor activity.  Ask our doctors if you qualify to benefit from this technique.

If the Shoe Fits

The best way to avoid foot problems is to prevent them in the first place. The cost of foot surgery to correct foot problems caused by tight-fitting shoes alone is $2 billion a year. Here at Affiliated Podiatrists, we help our patients understand how to maintain healthy feet, select shoes that fit and recognize problems that require medical attention.

We take great pride in our staff; their education and their certified credentials. They help us give you the best care, tenderly and efficiently.

Check the Rules

Affiliated Podiatrists are Participating Providers in all major insurance programs, Medicare, PPO’s and many HMO’s. If your plan requires “prior authorization” be sure to obtain it before your visit. Also, check your insurance card to see what your co-pay is.


We offer CareCredit, a card designed specifically for your healthcare needs. CareCredit can help you move forward with getting the procedure you’ve always wanted. With low monthly payment options, no up-front costs and no prepayment penalties, you can get your procedure done sooner than later.