Pigeon Toes

Did you know Babe Ruth intentionally ran the bases pigeon-toed because he believed it helped him run faster? Did you know Paris Hilton has mastered a pigeon toed photo stance to hide her size 11 feet? The term pigeon toed (medically known as in-toeing) is used to describe when a person points their toes inward while standing or walking.

Symptoms of Pigeon Toe

  • Feet point inward, as if the toes are touching
  • Stumbling (severe cases)
  • Clumsiness

Alternate Names

In-toeing; false clubfoot; in-toe gait; metatarsus adductus; metatarsus varus;

What Causes Pigeon Toe?

Pigeon toe is caused by one of three conditions: Metatarsus adductus, tibial torsion, or femoral anteversion. Each condition is based on its location: the foot, the knee or the hip.

Can Pigeon Toe Be Treated?

In most cases, the infant or child will grow out of the condition and no treatment is necessary. Still it  should be evaluated. The doctors of Affiliated Podiatrists, Ltd can offer diagnosis, assessment and initiate treatment if necessary.

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