Pregnancy Can Lead to Foot Problems

During pregnancy, the impact of weight gain is compounded by the effect of hormones. There is (during pregnancy) an increase in three hormones circulating through a woman’s body — relaxin, oestrogen and progesterone — which soften the muscles and ligaments in preparation for childbirth; making mothers-to-be more flexible. 

Problems may arise for women who have a mild to moderate degree of overpronation before pregnancy. The added looseness of the ligaments allows the feet to roll in even more than previously. As a result, the feet may spread, elongate, flatten or even precipitate bunions and other foot alignment problems.

If you or a loved one is pregnant now be sure to look at their feet and offer proper guidance. If they’re very pregnant they may not have even seen their feet in a while and you’d be doing them a big service to refer them to us at Affiliated Podiatrists.

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