Prepare Your Feet for Soccer Season

Before you get out on the field make sure your feet are also prepared.

Are you or your child looking to play soccer this fall? If so, you may be figuring out the many things you’ll need to do to prepare yourself. While it’s important to keep your body in shape, it’s also important to make sure your feet and ankles are ready for the sport. Fortunately, your Chicago podiatrists have the tips you need to keep feet healthy while enjoying your favorite sport.

Choose the Right Shoes

Did you know that if you wear cleats that are too small for your feet for an extended amount of time you could change the overall structure of your feet? This can lead to serious changes and other health issues for your feet, which will certainly affect your performance on the field and also cause pain and other problems. If the cleats you have are pushing against your toes, then they are too small. Go to a specialty shoe store to get properly fitted shoes for your feet.

Keep Nails Trimmed

If you aren’t keeping those toenails trimmed then you may find yourself dealing with a cracked or ripped toenail at some point (Ouch!). To prevent this problem from happening, you’ll want to keep your nails trimmed. Of course, you’ll want to trim the nails straight across, making sure the nail is in line with the tip of your toes. Trimming the nail at a curved angle or trimming them too short could lead to painful ingrown toenails.

Shave Calluses

If you have some pretty bad calluses, then you may find that your shoes don’t fit as comfortably as they once did. If this is the case, you’ll want to carefully shave down calluses with a pumice stone. We recommend doing this right after showering when the skin is a bit softer. If you don’t know how to properly shave down calluses, or if you have diabetes or circulation issues then you’ll want our Chicago foot doctor to do it for you.

Stretch Those Muscles

Did you know that quite a few foot problems are due to foreleg tightness? By incorporating some foreleg stretches into your daily routine before you go out to play you can often avoid painful issues like shin splints or Achilles problems. We would be happy to show you some effective exercises to use—just ask!

Have questions about caring for your athletic feet? Need to schedule a physical exam to make sure your feet and ankles are healthy enough for a new activity? Then don’t hesitate to call Affiliated Podiatrists, Ltd in Chicago, IL today to schedule your next foot care visit.

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