Protect Your Feet While on the 606

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to get some exercise and make lasting memories with friends and family in the Chicago area, nothing beats the 606. With 2.7 scenic miles of park and trail, many families love taking advantage of all that the attraction has to offer. Unfortunately, however, if you don’t come prepared, your fun day trip to the 606 in Chicago can easily end with a trip to your podiatrist at Affiliated Podiatrists. Here are three ways to make sure it doesn’t.

1. Wear Proper Footwear

Choosing the right footwear is always an important way to prevent an unnecessary trip to your Chicago podiatrist, but never is it more important than when hitting the parks and trails. Proper footwear will not only provide your feet with the support they need for plenty of walking, but they will also help protect your feet from sunburn, small animals, broken glass and other hazards you might encounter on the trail.

2. Keep Your Nails Trimmed Short

Chances are, you don’t give much thought to your toenails before you visit the park. You should! If your toenails are long or jagged, they can easily cut your toes or cause pain and discoloration. Cut nails straight across and short, but not too short.

3. Take Breaks as Needed

If you aren’t already in the habit of exercising regularly, attempting to walk 2.7 miles may leave you feeling tired and out of breath, especially if you will be visiting on a hot or humid day. There’s no need to tackle it all at once. Take breaks as needed and stay well hydrated in order to prevent foot and body pain.

If you haven’t yet visited the beautiful 606 in Chicago, plan to visit soon! Just be sure you follow these three foot care tips to help you avoid an unnecessary visit to your podiatrists at Affiliated Podiatrists.

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