Summer Pedicures

Summer “Pedi’s” are very popular. But be forewarned: Nails need to breathe. Chemicals in nail polish and the polish removers can eat away at the top layer of toenails, resulting in changes in color or texture. Shellacs & Gels occlude nails as well.  All may increase your susceptibility to Fungal Infection.

Fungus grows in dark, warm, moist environments, so anything that doesn't let air dry It out, such as nail polish, shellacs or gels can allow fungus to fulminate underneath.  And clear nail polish isn't any better than colored, since it's the enamel itself that's the problem. Know that pretty hues can also mask infections, skin cancer, and other medical problems.

Cuticles serve a purpose. They are barriers to infection. So, don’t cut at them nor push at them with wooden sticks or instruments. Such actions may invite problems. Much better to moisturize them and leave them intact.

See us for a “Clean Check Up” first before getting that Pedicure.  Now, there are even Anti-Fungal Base Coats that some of our patients use for added protection.

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