Summer Shoes

Summer is a traditional time to kick off your shoes and relax, but it’s not always the best time of year for foot health. All that heat and humidity paired with the desire to go barefoot or wear unsupportive shoes, such as flip-flops and sandals, can lead to a lot of problems for your feet.

While anyone can have a mishap that leads to foot pain issues in the summer, if you have certain foot health conditions, the elements can worsen your foot woes. Plantar fasciitis, bunions, and various complications related to diabetes can all feel worse in the sweltering heat.

By taking the right steps, however, many foot health problems can be avoided or at least lessened, even during the dog days of summer. The secret is to pamper your feet by protecting them with the right summer shoes based on your feet’s unique needs.

Be practical and realistic when it comes to choosing the right shoes for summer. For example, flip-flops might be just fine for lounging poolside, but not the best choice for walking around a city sightseeing for hours. Also, leather tends to breathe better than rubber, so leather-soled shoes can be a better choice if sweaty feet are an issue.

Many of our patients with Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Heel Spurs, or Diabetes check with the doctors at Affiliated Podiatrists for advice in these matters. 

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