Toenail Fungus Treatments

Are your toenails yellow, thick and brittle? It is estimated that 10 percent of Americans have toenail fungus. Don’t be embarrassed by this podiatric condition(onychomycosis): it’s more easily treated than you may think. At Affiliated Podiatrists, in Chicago, IL, your board-certified podiatrists see scores of patients who want normal, healthy toenails. Learn about Pinpointe Laser treatments which effectively eliminate toenail fungus in the Near North area.

The details on toenail fungus

The symptoms of toenail fungus in the Near North, Chicago area are familiar: thickened, yellow nails, brittleness, changes in shape and texture, and sometimes a vague odor. Often accompanied by athlete’s foot, onychomycosis spreads from one foot to the other and to members of the same household via shared pedicure tools, towels, and shower tiles.

People develop onychomycosis for several reasons:

  • Moist, dark environments such as sweaty shoes and sneakers
  • Exposure to the fungus poolside, in the gym locker room or in other public places where people walk barefoot
  • Having a compromised immune system (patients with diabetes and HIV as examples)
  • Poor foot hygiene

Treatment options

Your podiatrist will examine your toenails for signs of fungal infection. While many doctors prescribe topical treatments and/or oral medications for this condition, the doctors at Affiliated Podiatrists. offer a more effective solution–laser therapy with the amazing Pinepointe Laser.

Performed in the office in about 45 minutes, laser treatment of fungal toenails is very comfortable, requires no special preparation and has no downtime. Typically, the doctor delivers a focused beam of light across the entire surface of the toenail, eradicating the fungus completely. He normally repeats the process overall ten nails to ensure no re-infection.

Afterwards , nails grow out straight, clear, and without that yellow or brown color characteristic of fungal nails. You’ll have completely new, beautiful nails within months. Antifungal powder for your shoes and some topical cream helps prevent reoccurrence.

Additionally, practice diligent foot hygiene:

  • Wash your feet daily and dry them thoroughly
  • Wear clean socks every day
  • Avoid going barefoot in public areas
  • Do not share toenail clippers or towels
  • Wear well-ventilated shoes in the hot weather

What’s your treatment goal?

Of course, your goal is toenails that look as good as they feel. If you have signs of fungal problems, please contact Affiliated Podiatrists for a consultation with a member of our professional team in the Near North, Chicago, IL, area. Call (773) 202-8800.

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