Using Your Flexible Spending Account on Podiatric Care

Let your flexible spending account work hard for you and your footcare needs when you need it most.

Has your employer enrolled you in a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA)? If so, then this could help you afford the necessary medical care you need when you are dealing with foot or ankle problems in Chicago and you need to turn to our podiatrists for treatment. (The kind of care that might not have been a covered benefit by the terms of your insurance policy.) Medical care shouldn’t break the bank and using your flexible spending account can help you save money and stay healthy.
How does an FSA or HSA work?

It’s important to be aware that both of these spending accounts take a use-it-or-lose-it approach. Therefore, whatever money is in your account that you don’t use at the end of the year you’ll lose. While some companies may offer a rollover, chances are good that you will lose the money you put into your spending account if you don’t use it.

If you find that you have cash left in your FSA or HAS you’ll want to use it before December 31st. Luckily, podiatry visits and treatments qualify. With HSA/FSA you can pay for,

Regular appointments: Preventive care is always the best medicine. Visit our Chicago foot doctors every year to make sure that your feet and ankles are healthy and that you are doing everything you can to keep them free from disease and injury.

Orthotics: Custom orthotics can provide your feet with additional cushioning and support and can help everyone from diabetics to athletes.

Laser therapy: Whether your podiatrist has recommended EPAT to treat heel or tendon pain or you are interested in getting PinPointe™ laser therapy to treat your stubborn toenail fungus, your flexible spending account can make it possible to afford the treatments you need to care for your feet.

Affiliated Podiatrists has two offices to provide more comprehensive and attentive foot and ankle care to patients living in Chicago, IL. If you have a flex spending account then let’s talk about ways that we can help you save on the foot and ankle care you need. Call us for an appointment. Now the freedom to choose is yours. Call 773-202-8800.

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