Treatment Options for Bunions

When it comes to foot-related concerns, bunions aren’t an easy problem to ignore and they don’t get better without targeted treatment. They reshape your feet and toes, pushing them out of alignment, and they can cause other foot injuries. Find out how a foot doctor at Affiliated Podiatrists in Chicago, IL can treat your bunions.

Struggling with Bunions 
In their normal state, your feet are straight and flexible, with a slight arch on the inside. When they are affected by bunions, the front of the foot turns out of alignment. Instead of pointing straight forward, the large toe is bent toward the left side on the left foot, and the right side for the right foot. This causes the toe bone to move outward, producing a bump that looks like a growth on the foot. The other toes press together and become irritated or develop calluses. Bunions are unattractive, uncomfortable, and harmful to your feet in the long term.

Bunion Causes
To understand the source of your bunions, start by looking at the shoes that you wear on a daily basis. Shoes that squeeze the toes together or push them forward when you walk are the likely culprits behind bunions. If you have a family history of bunions or foot deformities, you may be more likely to develop this relatively common foot problem. Arthritis, which causes inflammation of the joints, may also play a role in why some patients struggle with bunions.

Bunion Treatment Options
Your bunions can be successfully treated by your Chicago, IL foot doctor with non-invasive therapies and in severe cases, surgery. Here are some of the options that could help your case:

– Adding pads between the toes so that they’ll separate and realign.
– Orthotics to stabilize the foot joints.
– Night splinting to encourage better alignment of the big toe.
– Physical therapy and special foot exercises to make the feet flexible again.
– Injection therapy for pain.
– Bunionectomy (surgery for bunions).

No More Bunions 
Seek assistance from a foot doctor if you have noticed bunions starting to form on your feet. Call (773) 631-2079 today to schedule a visit to Affiliated Podiatrists in Chicago, IL.

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